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We give you access to institutional quality investments in Real Estate, in the United States.



Invest in the best performing asset in real estate in the United States, where American smart money invests:

Multifamily rental buildings* already built, already occupied and with returns, from day one, of up to 20%.

*Even during the COVID-19 crisis, according to official information from the NMHC (National Multifamily Housing Council), the collections of the rents in these assets did not drop more than 3%.

Current projects

Feliz, Vida & Amor

Austin, Texas

Why institutional quality?

A modality of investment in real estate assets specifically designed to generate constant cash flows and appreciation over time, and to protect capital from systemic market risks. Now, we give you full access to these same professionally audited and curated investments so that you can invest and protect your assets with the same e fficiency and safety.

No construction risk:
The buildings we buy are already built, thus avoiding inherent risks of construction.

No vacancy riskLos edificios que compramos están ya ocupados en mas de un 90%.

Endorsement of main banks:
Banking institutions partiallyy finance purchases, guaranteeing all aspectss of the business.

Operated by experts:
Each buiding that we buy is operated by local partners, with years of track record, and who earn only in the case of generating profits.


Current Business:

Previous business:

Why trust us?

Know how

Because we know where to invest, how to invest, with whom to work, what contracts to sign, what conditions to accept, how to achieve the best tax efficiency and, most important of all, how to generate real returns.


Our management team in the United States has 15 years of experience and USD 300,000,000 in real estate projects carried out in different markets. We also have a team of first-line advisers in each of the business edges.

For years we have been looking for the most efficient and safest Real Estate investments in the world for our own capital. Where International Smart Money, including large investment banks, private funds and wealthy families, deposit their capital to achieve the best risk/benefit equation.

We pre-purchase all assets

Because we have so much confidence in the deals we generate with our operators, Chomer Investments® previously provides the funds to take position in all the projects. Even before inviting our clients to participate.

How does it work?

1. We purchase an asset

We previously acquired an asset, together wit out partners.

2. We invite you to invest:

Once the business is structured and packaged, we allow you to invest your capital.
(Minimum USD 50.000).

3. You receive your profits

You receive profits proportional to your investment on a quarterly basis.

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