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Feliz, Vida & Amor

Feliz, Vida & Amor

Executive Summary

Feliz Location: 1804 Rundberg Ln, Austin, Texas Living Vida Location: 1735 Rutland Dr, Texas
Amor Location: 1200 Mearns Meadow Blvd, Texas
Use: Multi-Family Residential
Height: 2 floors
Number of units: 422 units
Typologies: houses from 40 to 85 m2
Average cost per unit: u$s 118,000
Number of garages: 637 garages
Business strategy: purchase-renovation-rental-sale
Date of purchase: January 2021

The deal represents a unique opportunity to acquire a set of 3 vintage complexes from the 80’s, (Feliz, Vida y Amor), in an exceptional location north of downtown Austin, at a value lower than the market value. Such is the case, that the average price per unit is $ 118,000 (expenses not included), while the average sales expectation for the same unit is $ 165,500 dollars.

The business plan is based on the complete renovation and value enhancement of the properties, both inside the units and in the common spaces, and the optimization of property management to improve the efficiency of rentals. The main objective of this plan is to enhance the value of the properties, increase the rate of return to distribute excellent dividends to the partners over a period of 5 years and increase the final value of the property, for its subsequent sale.


5 years total rate of return
Annual rate of return 11.06%

Your capital is protected by the property. You receive the guaranteed dividends, and when the property is sold you receive your capital plus earnings. The more expensive it is sold, the more you earn.


Guaranteed fixed annual dividend

You earn every year for the duration of the asset. Dividends are quarterly distributed.


Average unit purchase
Total $49.8 M


Average unit sale
Total $69.8 M

5 years

Hold period


Mercado: Austin, Texas.

• Ranked as the best place to live in the US based on labor market strength, quality of life, and value index.(US News & World Report)

• Ranked as the best place in the US labor market for the past two years. (Wall Street Journal & Moody’s Analytics)

• Ranked as the first city with the highest GDP growth in the US between 2012 and 2020. With an approximate net growth of 100 people per day. (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

• Ranked as the eighth most educated city in the US. (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Neighborhood: Northwest Austin

The city of Austin has developed a great labor hub in recent years and has offices of several of the main companies in the United States. Companies such as Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Intel, Facebook and many others, employ the largest workforce in the area within a 5 to 15 minute radius from the property, turning Austin into a great technology hub.

North Austin is surrounded by a wide variety of commercial and mixed-use centers, with great labor, gastronomic, commercial, walking and educational centers.
“The Domain Mall” is located 5 minutes away; it is the center of the greatest concentration of employment in the metropolitan area and has turned Austin into a great technological hub. “Austin FC Stadium", the largest football stadium in Austin is located 4 minutes away. The Apple campus, which is under construction, with an investment of more than one billion dollars, is located 10 minutes away. The “Topgolf", a center for golf sports and social gatherings, is located 7 minutes away.

Trader, track record

DB Capital is an American company, developer of real estate businesses, focused exclusively on investment opportunities in multifamily category assets. DB Capital has a history of executed projects that exceed USD 140,000,000, obtaining more than consistent results over time, which allowed it to achieve average annual returns above 20% for its investors.

Its investment strategy focuses on finding projects showing a low level of risk of capital loss and an ability to generate profits through a property management and construction strategy. From initial investment to project disposal, DB Capital’s execution strategy revolves around an emphasis on complete transparency and control that affect each project.


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